Developing Leaders Worldwide

Our passion is helping people to communicate with maximum impact to drive exceptional results.

Through our training and coaching services,our clients can learn to craft and refine their messaging to fit the range of situations they face in the workplace.

For managers, we focus on how best to motivate, deliver feedback and manage performance. With individual contributors, we help adapt their communication styles to meet the needs of their colleagues and clients. And with senior leaders, we focus on building trust and optimism while creating a compelling vision for the future.

The PCI Advantage

Global Reach, Local Presence


We can help you find improve communication, make better decisions, motivate your team, drive change and help equip your people with the tools/ skills they need to succeed.


Since 2003, we have worked with clients across a wide-range industries: financial services, technology, energy, international development and higher education. We have worked in 20+ countries on 6 continents.


We create outcome-based, customized programs to meet each of our client’s unique needs. We tailor our programs differently for individual contributors, manager and senior leaders.


Our exceptional team possesses an average of 15 years of training and coaching experience. Our consultants are located in San Francisco, New York, London, Vienna, Hong Kong and Sydney. We also have an extended network of trusted colleagues in various other locations.


Let Us Connect Your Worlds

There is a PCI consultant ready to work with you regardless of where you call home.

Our consultants, like our clients, are truly global; we provide tools to help the manager in New York motivate his team in Mumbai and the associate in Hong Kong influence her superiors in San Francisco.

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