Our solutions, from one-on-one coaching to team building and organizational change initiatives, are focused on impacting your business' bottom line.

We facilitate a challenging, supportive environment for people to step outside their day-to-day business and examine their process - what they are doing, and how, as well as why, they are doing it. Whether your company is a financial services group or an NGO, whether it operates in North America, Europe, or Asia, we provide unique, customized solutions that effectively address your specific needs and challenges.


Our experiential approach springs from our backgrounds in business, counseling, and organizational     psychology. Every solution is rooted in our passion for enabling personal and professional growth.




"PCI manage to facilitate their trainings in a way that participants are not only taught but included. Using real life examples and chosen exercises participants comprehend contents easily and by experiencing the facts hands on. As the proverb has it: "Tell me, I’ll forget, Show me, I’ll remember, Involve me, I’ll understand" you're going to leave PCI's trainings with both a clearer understanding of the provided contents and yourself. "

Agnes Hofer

University of Applied Sciences

"PCI are absolute professionals in their fields, addressing the topics of their expertise in a very engaging manner. The way they explained and simulated cross-cultural issues that come into play certainly helped me while working in a multicultural environment. The best training I have attended, without a single doubt."

David Krasny



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